About Jyoti Stuart

Jyoti is a holistic healer; a “space holder,” and a listener with a nurturing, supportive and joyful nature. Since 1994 Jyoti has been enthusiastically offering a holistic approach to the well-being of one’s body/mind/heart/spirit.

Jyoti received a BS in Nutrition from State University College at Buffalo and an MFA in modern dance. As she studied yoga, and became a teacher, she was intrigued with the idea that yoga was used as a practice to know God.  When a spiritual teacher showed up in her life, she moved to India for 6 months to study meditation, tantra, massage techniques and spiritual psychology from a different perspective. The “yogic eight fold path” became a way of living.

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My story begins when I was living in Los Angeles. I had created a successful business and I was engaged to a man I had known for 8 years who had created his own successful company.

Before meeting my fiance' I was proudly, extremely independent. My fiance' was wealthy and enjoyed showering me with material goods. Slowly I allowed him to pay for things, and before I knew it, he was asking me to quit some of my work so we could travel. We had been going to Colorado to do retreats with our meditation teacher for a few years. He assured me, that I would be taken care of financially.

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Mind blowing - profoundly life changing. I was quite stuck in beliefs that did not serve me, and was having difficulty moving past my blocks. A good friend referred me to Jyoti's work, but I was a bit skeptical. However, she quickly cut through to the core issues, and allowed me to see those stuck places with compassion. Through sacred ceremony and some very deep dialog, she has helped me create a path toward true liberation.”
With Respect and Admiration ~MC, Tech CEO, Crestone, CO