The leaves have fallen from the trees in much of Colorado. What used to be vibrant golden, yellow and red petals of light have turned brown and dissolved into the darkness of the earth. This week as I sat with the trees of the November landscape, they seemed to ask me the question: How much have you surrendered? My approaching birthday beckoned me to celebrate the dual process of letting go and of rebirth.


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“The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness.” —Kahlil Gibran

It’s autumn. You might be asking, Where did the summer go? Did summer fly by or did it seem endless? Lately I’ve been fascinated by our perception of time. Albert Einstein said that time is an illusion. What’s really happening when time seems to be slowing down or speeding up? According to psychologist Steve Taylor, time slows down during times of intensity or discovery, as we take in information through exposure to new environments and experiences. Time seems to speed up as our lives become more routine, as in adulthood, and we experience fewer unfamiliar moments. Could it be that time is not what we think?


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Recently, I had an opportunity to work with a number of people who were in the process of making important life decisions. Have you ever had anxiety or fear about making the “right” decision? Yeah, me too. Well, what if you never made a wrong decision? What if we really don’t need to make decisions the way we think we do? Let’s take a closer look at the process, and I’ll share with you some of my own adventures in decision making. 


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A friend asked me the other day, What does meditating do for your experience of life? Although connecting cause and effect is sticky business, perhaps mentioning some of my diverse experiences around meditation might be helpful to those of you who are new to the practice. First of all, I like to use the word ‘sitting’ instead of the word ‘meditating,’ because sitting implies a simple, tangible process, versus something aspirational, like not thinking or a mystical experience. It’s more like a happening—giving space to whatever appears.


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Last week I returned to Crestone to 90-degree temperatures, and because of the heat, I lost sleep for four nights in a row. I woke up exhausted and with a headache—and in no shape to teach as scheduled, (or do anything else, for that matter). Sometimes when the body gets worn down, the mind will want to jump on board and start to tell pessimistic stories. And on this day, the tug of “mind stuff” was particularly strong, coaxing me into the sludge. Instead of entertaining the mind, I just broke down and wept from fatigue.


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6/6/17 Unfolding Is A Process


Over the last few weeks I’ve had the honor of working with some very courageous and sincere clients. Each in their unique way had the willingness to explore unknown territory, with the possibility of transformation. And what is transformation? Although it’s often characterized by a dramatic change, I tend to see it as a gradual process—an internal unfoldment that begins to express itself in our external landscape.

One of my teacher/elders was telling me a story over the weekend about a vision she had in her meditation. In her mind’s eye she witnessed desolate concrete buildings. There was garbage flying through the wind, blowing over a cracked concrete sidewalk. She then saw a tiny green sprout shooting up through the pavement. It was the beginning of something new being born into the world. The sprout was so tiny, almost imperceptible in the grand landscape of dirt and grit. It was in the process of growth and transformation. 

What is your concept of transformation? What do you think it should look like?


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5/9/17 Illuminate Your Way


The theme of tonight's Wesak full moon is compassion and kindness—the perfect time for a little self-reflection. It’s all about ILLUMINATION of the body, heart, mind and spirit. The moon’s ancient energy can be a wonderful aid in choosing action over procrastination, dispassion over attachment, and liberation over addiction.

At one time I taught yoga to a successful billionaire. One key thing I noticed about her? Whatever came up, she was a master at addressing it in the moment—not next week, not later today, but NOW. In my own life I’ve been noticing my tendency to put things off. Following her cue, I ask myself: Do I need to gather more information, give myself time to reflect, let things simmer down before I act? Or am I just procrastinating? And if I am procrastinating, can I admit it, forgive myself, and then take action?


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4/1/17 The Changing Seasons of Your Soul

How to Lean Into Powerful Emotions Instead of Pushing Them Away

I first landed in Crestone a few years ago, and by the fall of 2015 I had decided I was going to live here. That was a year and a half ago. It was a huge change from the frenetic hustle of Los Angeles, where I had spent a good portion of my life. I was so relieved to be in this gorgeous, quiet little town at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado—an ideal spot for meditation and self-reflection. And I came to be supported by the community here in so many ways. The people in Crestone turned out to be unusually authentic, unusually kind, and in some cases just plain unusual. People used to ask me, "Don't you miss LA?" Without hesitation my answer was always “No.” I was finally complete. (Or at least I thought I was.)  

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3/2/17 Importance of Community


After finishing a 5 day silent retreat this week,  this blog is dedicated to Sharon Landrith and the entire sangha

...with deep appreciation

Your transformation and evolution as a human being depends greatly on who you spend your time with.

There is a word in Buddhism called “sangha” which loosely translates as community or association. Sangha is one of the Three Jewels in Buddhism, which are three things in which we turn to for refuge or safety. Safety from what you might ask? We seek our sangha (good company/spiritual friendship) as a way to check our own illusions and ignorance. In modern times, many people do not have traditional spiritual communities but they do have people they spend a lot of time with in smaller communities: family, friends, partners and colleagues.

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2/16/17 No Need to Be Bent Out of Shape

15 ways to make your WHOLE BEING more FLEXIBLE...

 5 ways that might help you become more flexible in BODY:

  • Get your butt on a yoga mat (or anywhere) and allow the body to move as it wants to
  • Lean back, take your arms overhead and making a LOUD groaning noise at your desk
  • Take your knees to your chest while lying in bed and twist right and left
  • Stretch out your EYES that have been glued to a glowing rectangle all day! AKA computer/phone/TV
  • Receive a Thai yoga massage AKA “lazy yoga"

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