Monthly Yoga Membership Packages

Why Monthly Membership Packages?

As I explore ways to make life easier and create more value for you, my clients, I decided to drop the often confusing and inconvenient class card system. This will make it so much easier for you to just come to class without having to worry about signing in and keeping track of where you’re at on your card. You’ll only have to sign in for classes. I’m now offering MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES.
If you have a current class card, it will be honored until its expiration.

No further class cards will be issued.


Benefits of the new Monthly Subscriptions


  • A mutual commitment to each other will foster a solid foundation for growth
  • Your practice will deepen; building greater strength, flexibility
  • There is a great probability that your OVERALL health will improve
  • Reduction of anxiety and greater peace of mind
  • Higher resistance to stress and greater capacity to deal with challenges
  • It also gives you greater access to the diversity and depth of knowledge I have to offer


How many classes will be offered per month?

There are some months that I will be traveling. My commitment to you is that I will offer no less than 10 classes/workshops a month. The higher level the package you buy, the more access you have to your own Yoga Mastery!

What if I don't want a monthly Subscription?

That's totally fine. You can just come as you are able at the Drop-In rate of $15 per 90 minute class, $10 per 60 minute class.

Get 4 Yoga classes a month (Save $5!)



Over $250 value!

Unlimited classes and workshops (10-16 offered each month)
Plus: One - 60 minute Private session!
One iRest Yoga Nidra Download



Over $500 value!

Unlimited classes and workshops (10-16 offered each month)
One - 75 minute Private session
One iRest Yoga Nidra Download


One Thai Yoga Massage (75 minutes)
One personal iRest Yoga Nidra dyad session (35 minutes)
Optional – one “lifestyle” -or- one “nutritional” review and suggestions